Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Under $500 (Top 5)

best robotic pool cleaners under $500

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the best robotic pool cleaners under $500. If you’re a pool owner looking to streamline your pool maintenance routine and enjoy crystal-clear water effortlessly, you’ve come to the right place. Robotic pool cleaners have revolutionized the way we clean and maintain our pools, offering convenience, efficiency, and exceptional performance. […]

Husqvarna Automower Review – Top Robotic Mower Models

husqvarna automower review

There are many robotic mowers that you can find in your quest for finding the best one, we made it easier for you by reviewing Husqvarna- a leading robotic mower best models. We have tested each Husqvarna automower listed here to find which one is the best overall. So if you want an easy way […]

Roborock Vacuum Comparison – Top Models Reviewed

Roborock Vacuum Comparison

We reviewed 8 Roborock smart vacuums and found the Roborock S7 to be the best vacuum-mop combo for the average buyer. We took many things into account when we reviewed these Roborock vacuums. Each home has different needs that your robot vacuum needs to meet. You need a vacuum that is the best at what […]

iRobot Roomba Tips and Tricks – Get the Most Out  of Your Roomba (20 Tips)

roomba tips and tricks

Purchasing an iRobot Roomba vacuum is a great way to ease the burden of household chores. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep an eye out for your new robotic friend. Read through our list of 20 Roomba tips and tricks to maximize the performance of your robot vacuum! 1.Empty the Dustbin Every […]

Smart Cleaning Review – Bagotte Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Bagotte Robotic Vacuum Cleaner review

In a bid to let you know which Bagotte robotic vacuum cleaner does the cleaning business best, we reviewed four models and found the Bg800 to be the overall best for smart cleaning. These days, we expect robotic vacuum cleaners to be fully automated, from cleaning to emptying the dustbin. While many vacuum cleaners are […]

Shark vs. Roomba: Which Vacuum Did Better Cleaning Our Home?

shark vs roomba

The Shark and Roomba are two of the most famous robot vacuum cleaners, and our comparison below reveals which one is the winner in this head-to-head battle.  With plenty of vacuuming experience in a well-loved house that sees pets, mud, everyday messes, and plenty of big cleanups, I have tried all the tricks. When automatic […]

Roomba Vs Neato: Go Head-to-Head!

This is our head-to-head review of the Roomba by iRobot and the BotVac by Neato.  Both have a lot to offer when cleaning your home, but we can provide you with the definitive answer. We recommend the Neato BotVac as the best robotic cleaner because of its functional design, cleaning power, and budget-friendly price.  The […]

Roomba vs Samsung: Which Robot Vacuum Should You Get And Why?

Roomba vs Samsung

High-powered robotic cleaners revolutionized the way we clean our home and you could say that smart vacuum cleaners are practically a must in most households. Of course, the most recognizable of the robotic cleaners is Roomba. But with nearly ten years on the books since its inception, iRobot (the company that makes Roomba) continually makes […]

(10) Best Shower Speaker For Singing In The Shower

BEST shower speaker

We tested the ten most popular shower speakers available on the market and we came up with a conclusive result–the best speaker for singing in the shower is the WONDERBOOM 2.  Sometimes it’s doing the little things in life that make all the difference-and singing in the shower is certainly one of them. Whether you […]

iRobot Roomba Comparison—Which Roomba is Best?

I know that time is often in short supply these days, so I decided to focus on reviewing products from the most famous line of robot vacuums. Specifically, I wanted to compare Roomba models and see which of them are a good choice for most modern living environments. The Roomba i7+ was found to be […]