5 IoT Security Challenges and How To Address Them

iot security challanges

The Internet of Things is an evolving technology that promises many benefits across industries and sectors. IoT devices collect information, process data, and communicate it to the Internet.  The potential for these devices is enormous, but as they become more ubiquitous, they also become more vulnerable to attacks. We discuss the security challenges that emerge … Read more

10 Smart Home Security Risks and Vulnerabilities to Be Aware Of


In today’s age of smart technology, state-of-the-art gadgets make our lives easier in several ways. However, these devices can sometimes cause smart home security risks. Here we will look at a few smart home security vulnerabilities you should prepare for when setting up your network. Familiarize yourself with the security risks that come with upgrading … Read more

Best Z Wave Thermostat for the Perfect Smart Home Temperature (Top 6)

In my house, chaos reigns. The last thing I have time for is fiddling with the thermostat. I’ve found the GoControl Thermostat to be the best Z wave Thermostat for my two-story smart home. This thermostat maintains a comfortable environment all year-round. When we first moved into our current house, the odd temperature dips in … Read more

Best Alarm Company No Contract Required

Alarm Company No Contract Required

We’ve reviewed six alarm systems and found that the Ring Security system is the best alarm company without a contract. We know firsthand how vital alarm systems can be to give families an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. However, these systems don’t need to break the bank. Many companies provide no-contract options … Read more

Best Smart Safes for Homes to Secure Your Valuables

smart safes for home

Traditional safes have been commonplace for decades, but homeowners feel compelled to install smart safes as more households use digital devices. The simplicity of use and ability to change codes instantly makes them a go-to device for people who store valuables at home.  Smart safes also record all movement, which gives you the confidence you … Read more