Best Smart Lock That Works with Alexa -Which Alexa Smart Lock Should You Get?

To keep up with emerging home security risks, your smart home has to become smarter every day. A smart lock is a a must have addition to your home security if you ask us. With a smart lock you can control access to your home from any place any time. And nothing beats a smart lock that has the Alexa voice assistant integration.

Why should you pause your favorite TV show to open the door when you could do it remotely? Why not answer the front door without having to leave the kitchen? 

Sharing smart access keys is a simple solution to these challenges and more that will make your life much easier. But with all the available options out there, which one should you choose?

I took the painstaking task of testing seven smart locks and found out the August Smart Lock Pro is the best overall for your smart home.

Read on to learn how to choose the best smart lock for your home, the top seven brands, and the pros and cons of each.

Why Choose August Smart Lock Pro?

The testing and evaluation criteria included:

  • Ease of installation
  • Compatibility with other smart home features and devices
  • Level of security
  • The intuitiveness of the control app
  • Design and outlook
  • Alarm features
  • Multiple accessibility features
  • Versatility, etc. 

The August Smart Lock Pro outranks most other smart locks, hands down. It all starts with the Wi-Fi compatibility, ease of working with existing deadbolts, multiple keyless accessibility, real-time tracking, the DoorSense upgrade, and remarkable durability. It offers the best value for your money.

The Best Smart Locks Ranked

Here’s a compilation of the best Alexa smart locks you could buy:

#1: August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Generation): The Best Overall

August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation is the best choice if you care about home safety and smart lock trends.

The subtle integration with Alexa means you can simply ask her if your front door is locked or ask her to unlock it. You connect your devices via Wi-Fi and pair them for smooth functionality, then enjoy unlocking with your Alexa PIN. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

This lock also works well with most of Amazon’s smart Echo speakers and Alexa-enabled Sono devices.

For a lock that boasts the DoorSense upgrade feature, you can track if your door is unlocked and receive an alert for the same. 

What’s more, this August lock features several other third-party device integrations – Google Home, Logitech Harmony, Nest, and Xfinity, among others. You can also send temporary or permanent keys to your guests if you have the mobile app. 

August Smart Lock Pro is probably at the top of the market for obvious reasons. Talking of its cool specs, it also boasts the auto-unlock feature that works if you’ve installed the mobile app. It can lock your door automatically as you leave, and it can unlock it automatically when you approach it. 

While it may seem like magic, all this is because it uses your phone location to track when you’re home.


Here’s what makes this lock a great pick:

  • It’s compatible with existing deadbolts and keys, so you don’t have to replace them.
  • The 24/7 activity feed allows real-time monitoring of your door.
  • Door Sense tells you if your door is left ajar or perfectly locked.
  • It has a Wi-Fi bridge.
  • It has an awesome, modern style.
  • It works with an unlimited number of codes.


The August Smart Lock Pro won’t get all stars because:

  • The auto-unlock feature may be too much picky sometimes.
  • It requires a bridge to work with Alexa and for other third-party integrations.
  • With no alarm, it’s unlikely to deter intruders.

#2: Schlage Encode Deadbolt: The Best Alarm Smart Lock

Schlage  Encode Deadbolt

The Schlage Encode is the best pick, hands down, for a smart lock with an efficient alarm. If anyone foolishly tries to tamper with your door, trust me, they’ll face the music with this one. The Schlage Encode lets out an ear-piercing siren on an attempted break-in and is a perfect deterrent as such.

If you shop more often on Amazon, you’ll probably make things even better with this lock. The Amazon Key service simplifies things for the Amazon delivery guy. They can simply arrive and deliver your packages right inside the house if you don’t have such finicky trust issues. Plus, it ensures your goods are less likely to be stolen.

While you may incur additional costs with the Amazon key service, it’s prudent to have it integrated with a compatible security camera. On compatibility, the Schlage Encode supports both Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning you can integrate it into your smart home easily.

What’s more, the Schlage Encode is controllable manually, via key code, or through remote access. And the keypad is smudge-free, something to smile about.


Here’s what I liked about the Schlage Encode:

  • It features the Amazon Key service.
  • It allows simple installation and integration.
  • It has a reliable intruder deterrence alarm.
  • The Schlage Encode works well with Alexa; no need for a hub or extra adapter.
  • Available in a combo package with Echo Dot.


On the flip side:

  • Schlage Encode is on a relatively higher price spectrum if you were considering a tight budget.
  • With all that cool design, it has no auto-unlock feature, unlike the August smart lock.

#3: Schlage Connect Deadbolt: Ideal for Backup Access

Imagine leaving your phone inside the house when it’s the only means to access your door via a smart lock. Having a backup means of getting in becomes a great deal then. Much as a physical key is a big choice, having a PIN is essential.

The Schlage Connect allows you to lock or unlock your door anytime once you’ve shared your access codes with friends, family, and any other people you trust. And this can go way up to 30 codes.

What’s more, with the shared access codes, important people like your house cleaners and dog walkers won’t have trouble carrying out their noble duties. And any other trusted person could easily come in during an emergency.

Schlage hardware typically boasts cutting-edge technology. For the ease of installation, all you need is a screwdriver to have this lock in place. 

Then the “Snap and Stay” snaps the deadbolt right onto the door, besides the universal latch that slides into place seamlessly. Forget about manual adjustments altogether.

If you’d give anything for a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen, you should be eyeing the Schlage Connect. This feature means you can’t give away your access and is a top-notch security measure. 

On compatibility, the Schlage Connect works well with the Amazon Key service, allowing you to opt-in for in-home deliveries. With ZigBee certification, it can also be integrated with ZigBee automation systems.


The Schlage Connect shines with the following:

  • Additional compatibility with ZigBee and Amazon Key service.
  • The Matte Touchscreen masks your fingerprints.
  • It allows easy access if you haven’t carried keys or your smartphone.
  • Its stylish design blends in with most smart homes.


Schlage could use some improvement because:

  • This smart lock model has no built-in alarm.

#4: Yale Real Living Assure Smart Lock: The Most Futuristic Outlook

The Yale Assure has a stylish design making it attractive, classic, and easy to install. It’s smaller and less bulky compared to most smart locks. But if you love manual key options, sorry on this one. You either use the app, its key code, or you forget about access.

The Yale Assure smart lock also has a touch of ingenuity in that a temporary boost is applicable; suppose the battery runs out. Simply touch a 9v transistor battery to two contacts underneath the keypad. 

A few smart locks support multiple home standards, and an accessory like the Yale Real Living Assure comes in handy. It works beautifully with Alexa, Google Home, Homekit, and Samsung’s SmartThings. Whether you have an iPhone or the best Android phone, you can easily control this lock from your smartphone.

What’s more, the Yale Assure is compatible with smart speakers like the Amazon Echo series and Google Nest Hub Max or Google Nest Mini.


Here’s what’s remarkable about Yale Real Living Assure SL:

  • Allows multiple connectivities via Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z-Wave Plus
  • Multiple access codes are allowed; up to 250.
  • It has an attractive, sleek, and simple design featuring a number pad.
  • Its smart home compatibility allows use with Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings, among others.


The following just don’t hit the mark:

  • The lock has no in-built alarm to deter intruders before you get on site.
  • It eliminates manual key access, which some people may not be comfortable with.

#5: Luckily Secure Pro Deadbolt: The Best Fingerprint-Enabled Smart Lock

The Lockly Secure Pro has unmatched fancy features. A fingerprint reader on the side can recall 90+ unique prints. Then the buttons are scrambled each time the screen powers on. Potential intruders would be deterred if they memorized some unique pattern, and that’s high-level security.

This smart lock also has an intuitive app that’s pretty simple to navigate. You can easily share your access codes with trusted people, approve additional fingerprints and check the battery status.


The Lockly Secure Pro makes you feel like a pro because:

  • Its keypad changes dynamically, possibly beating intruder memory.
  • It stores useful access history that could come in handy in forensics analysis.
  • It comes inclusive with a Wi-Fi hub, so you don’t need separate purchases.
  • It has fingerprint accessibility which could trim down authorized access.


Lockly Secure Pro is limited by:

  • A touchscreen that can get smudgy easily.
  • Fixed screen brightness making it tricky to input the access code in direct sunlight.

#6: Kwikset Kevo Convert: The Ultimate Hybrid Smart Lock

The Kwikset Kevo Convert can operate with Alexa once you’ve purchased the Kevo Connected Hub.

You enjoy unmatched flexibility in that this lock can work with other deadbolts from Baldwin, Schlage, and Weiser, among others. On top of that, it only replaces your interior lock, so you don’t have to replace keys. This is a perfect choice for rentals.

The auto-unlock feature allows the Kevo Convert to unlock within a few yards of your approach. Plus, it can lock automatically after 30 seconds. 

You can also lock out people remotely or send access codes to their smartphones. What’s more, you get notifications when guests access your door.


The following are the pros of the Kevo Convert:

  • It’s highly convenient and transforms ordinary locks into smart ones.
  • Very affordable
  • It offers the best value for money, considering its affordability and unique features.
  • It’s highly versatile and works well with other deadbolts.


Kwikset could use some improvement because:

  • Kevo Convert must use a separately purchased hub to connect to Alexa.
  • The no-touch open door feature requires a Kevo 2 smart lock.

#7: Level Bolt: The Most Covert Smart Lock

You don’t have to blemish your door’s appearance, and you don’t have to advertise to everyone that you’ve got a smart lock.

The Level Bolt utilizes most of your door’s hardware and fits neatly inside. It becomes completely hidden from sight, and you can still enjoy access with your physical keys.

While this lock requires a compatible smart hub to facilitate remote monitoring and control, it stands to most tests. It works well with Alexa, Google Homekit, and Ring but not Google Assistant.


  • It’s highly hidden from ordinary scrutiny.
  • It allows app operation with unlimited access codes.
  • It permits physical key access, meaning you don’t replace your locks entirely.
  • It’s small, compact, and sleek in design.


  • Its connectivity is limited to Bluetooth, and it lacks a number pad.
  • It gives no alert for an open door.

Best Alexa Smart Lock Buying Guide

Below is an outline of the things to look out for when buying an Alexa smart lock:

Advanced Security Features

Your Alexa smart lock should provide several means of entry so you can select according to your tastes and preferences. A tech-savvy home security enthusiast looks out for attributes beyond the conventional keyhole.

Fingerprint readers grace most modern smart locks. There’s no need to remember an elaborate code or carry annoying jingling keys. Simply place your finger, and you’re in if it matches.

Virtual keys allow other people access to your door by use of their cell phones if you’ve sent them such codes. It’s safe and lovely because you can control when these codes are active.

Most smart locks will also enable you to manage several key codes. You only have to input the relevant code on the keypad, and you’re granted entry.

Connectivity Type

Most smart locks have in-built radio chips that permit connectivity through various protocols like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave. Under these, the lock can be monitored and controlled wirelessly as long as it’s connected to the home network.

Aside from Wi-Fi smart locks, the rest need a hub or bridge for remote connectivity. Smart home hubs include Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings. While these are convenient, it’s a good tip to check the hub’s compatibility with your smart lock, or things won’t work.

Most new smart locks use Wi-Fi protocol and allow faster and easier connectivity with the home network. But a common flip side of these is that Wi-Fi consumes more power, and you’ll have to put up with changing lock batteries often.


There are brass, silver, and bronze locks. But the bottom line is: you want a smart lock that doesn’t look odd against your home décor. 

Go for an Alexa smart lock whose style and finish match your tastes and preferences and blend in naturally. 

Lock Type

Smart locks come in either the deadbolt or lever-style configurations. While deadbolt locks are the most popular, lever-style locks are catching the pace.

With the lever-style type, the entire gadget has the door-opening lever and the lock all in one package. The deadbolt, however, is designed to replace your existing deadlock.

Smart Home Compatibility

Your smart home needs these special locks that ensure everything is automatically secured when you leave. 

Your smart locks must work seamlessly with the likes of Alexa, Google Assistant, and Home Kit so they can be linked with more smart home devices.

Are There Any Other Smart Locks Compatible with Alexa?

Short answer: yes. And while they may not be as famous as their manufacturers, there are other locks compatible with Alexa. To help you narrow down your search, take a look at the following:

Final Thoughts

The simplest way to guarantee a little extra degree of convenience and peace of mind is to install a smart lock. With Alexa integration, you have things on a whole new level and can easily control who enters your home and when.

While there are dozens of smart locks that are compatible with Alexa, I have a high opinion for the August Smart Lock Pro (3rd generation). It combines very beautiful features that make it the ultimate smart home gift, its position on the price spectrum notwithstanding. Let me know if your favorite smart lock picks blend in with the ones highlighted here.