Redback Mowro RM24 Review: Is It the Best Smart Mower?

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In this article will review the Redback Mowro RM24, a robotic lawnmower on the market today that offers a great deal of convenience and technology to owners of it. 

Mowing the lawn is not the ideal way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning, no matter what my Dad says, so as long as I have had a lawn to care for, I have utilized a robotic mower. If you are not already using a robotic lawnmower, this is your wake-up call to get one and take one more chore off your list. 

But not every smart lawnmower is created equal. I’ve enjoyed many Saturday mornings only to discover my lawn is not mowed to my fairly high standards. So after some trial and error and a few trips to the store, I can call myself an expert on robotic lawnmowers, and I am here to talk about the Redback Mowro RM24. 

Overall, the Redback Mowro RM24 is an affordable, quiet, and consistent smart mower that can take a lot of the hassle out of maintaining a beautiful lawn.

It can handle steep slopes better than many robotic mowers on the market and has an excess of safety features, so you can feel good about letting it roam your yard. 

The downside of this Redback mower is its inability to navigate divots in the ground or particularly rough patches of grass. It also is a bit of a pain to program, but that only needs to be done once, so most people rate the mower as a great product despite the inconvenient setup process. A Redback Mworo RM24 review is sure to mention the safety features and the slope capabilities as the best features available with this model. 

This piece will break down the positives and negatives of this mower, so you can decide if it is the right product for you and your maintenance needs. The Redback Mowro RM24 is a powerful yet quiet robotic mower that has many features to offer its users. To better understand what the Redback mower has to offer, we will break down the features and benefits the mower offers compared to others. 

To get a better understanding of the Redback Mowro RM24, keep reading for the breakdown of its features and uses to decide if it is the right robotic lawnmower for your needs. 

Product Overview 

redback mowro rm24

Not only do robotic lawnmowers allow you more time to do more enjoyable activities or perhaps just more chores, but they also allow you to avoid the elements. The scorching sun and persistent allergens like pollen can be a nuisance you have to suffer through while you mow your lawn. So, these tiny, robotic lawnmowers take on all the hassle for you. 

Is it good?

It is ideal for hilly yards, but not lawns that have random holes. If you have a dog that can not help but dig holes in your yard, the Redback mower may struggle around these areas. On the other hand, its safety features make it great for parents so their children can be safe, even with a robot roaming around the grass. 

As far as robotic mowers go, this is a good option for people looking for something that isn’t too techy but can get the job done without needing to be turned on every day. For people with a leveled lawn that is not full of holes, the Redback should take care of the yard for you, so you can relax and enjoy a lovely lawn. 

In the end, this is a great robotic mower for someone looking to take the maintenance out of a beautiful lawn while keeping their family safe and keeping neighbors on their good side. 

Safety Features 

The three razor-sharp blades cut the grass and are covered by a protective shield. The shield’s design allows the mower to cut grass without injuring pets, animals, or children that it may come across. The safety features make it one of the best lawn mowers for parents and pet owners, or just people that want to be conscientious of outdoor critters that may interact with your robotic mower. 

The mower has sensitive safety and bumps sensors that automatically stop the blades when it encounters something and can’t reroute, so you don’t need to worry about your four-legged friends or toddlers getting hurt. If the mower cannot find a new, clear path within a few seconds, it will use the auto-stop feature and need to be reset. 

The auto-stop feature also comes on when the mower encounters too steep a slope. This mower handles steep slopes incredibly well, but still, some are simply too steep for a robotic mower to handle. If the Redback Mowro RM24 encounters a hill it cannot climb, the blades will automatically shut off. The auto-stop prevents the mower from flipping over, exposing the blades, and creating a hazard. Also, if any one of the wheels lifts off the ground, the mower will shut off since this could harm a person or animal.  

The mower comes with a guidewire used to set the perimeter of the grass the mower will cut. The guidewire’s design works, so the robotic mower will not operate unless set up in a closed circuit. The guidewire means the mower cannot wander out of the perimeter and cause an accident or disappear down the road forever. So, if your guide wire loses power or breaks, the mower will automatically shut off. 

Having your robotic mower stolen may not be something you have thought about, but trust us, it is sadly a common occurrence. The Redback Mowro RM24 has a security feature that requires a pin to turn on, reprogram, and set schedules, so it is less likely to appeal to mower thieves. Just like an iPhone or debit card, the mower becomes essentially useless without this pin. 

Scheduling Abilities

The Redback Mowro RM24 uses one of the most customizable scheduling systems available in robotic mowers. It is ideal for people that want to buy a robotic mower, set it up, and never think about cutting their grass again. You can program it to mow whenever and however often you want it to. 

If you are not picky about when your lawn is mowed or just cannot be bothered to program it, the mower will run on a 48-hour cycle by default. So the grass will be cut once every two days, which will keep it looking fresh and maintained. 

The Redback mower is very quiet nevertheless, if you do not want to see the robot roaming around, you can set it up to only operate at night. Despite the numerous safety features, some parents and pet owners prefer to run the robotic mower at night when there is essentially zero chance of their precious babies encountering the mower while it is running. 

While the scheduling features are super customizable, the Redback mower does not have smartphone capabilities. So it can’t be turned on via an app, which other smart mowers today are capable of. 

If you do not want your lawn mowed on a routine basis, this might not be the best mower for your needs. Some people, me not included, prefer to mow their lawn on an as-needed basis. If this is your preference, the Redback Mowro RM24 may prove to be more inconvenient than useful. 

Machine Design

The Redback Mowro RM24 has a brushless motor, which is much more durable and long-lasting than brushed motors. So you can expect the Redback mower to last you several years before wearing out. The three blades are super sharp to perfectly cut your grass and leave behind fertilizer for an even more luscious lawn than you had before. 

The Redback Mowro RM24 weight is only 45 pounds, so it is lightweight, and most people can pick it up without much difficulty. Some robotic mowers can weigh up to 100 pounds, making them much more of a challenge to set up and store in the winter months. 

The Redback is a compact design despite its power. It is easy to put away when you no longer need it or transport it if necessary. It has the trademark silver, orange, and black colors of the Redback brand, so it is easy to spot roaming around your lawn doing its job. 

Weather Resistance

You should always mow grass when it is dry, so the mower needs to stop cutting the grass when it is wet or if it rains. The Redback Mowro RM24 uses moisture sensors to detect if the grass is too wet to be cut and also sense when it starts to rain.

If you mow grass when it is wet, it results in unclean cuts and large, damp clumps of grass on your lawn. Not only is this unattractive, but it can also clog the mower blades if it runs back over them. For people that live in rainy locations, this is the difference between a good mower and a bad one. A mower without a weather-resistant design, or one that does not have sensors to detect water, will quickly ruin itself in a wet climate. 

The machine is also dust resistant (IPX4). If you live in a dryer area, dust and sand blown by the wind can get into the motor. The dust will wear it down or stop it from functioning. A dusty motor is hard to remedy and often needs replacing, so having a weather-resistant mower like the Redback can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. 

The sun is great for your grass but not so great for most robotic mowers. Some robotic mowers can overheat in warm temperatures. The Redback mower is capable of handling high temperatures and still operating perfectly. 

Quiet Operation

Lawnmowers are known for their insufferable noise that drives people crazy, especially bystanders like your neighbors that want it to be over. The Redback Mowro RM24 is extraordinary in its ability to mow without creating a nuisance for the whole neighborhood. 

The low noise level makes them perfect to operate at nighttime. Many mowers are too loud to run at night but can be a bit of an eyesore during the day. The mower operates at a 65dB noise level, which is the equivalent of a normal conversation between two people. 

Traditional lawn mowers are about 90dB. OSHA recommends hearing protection for anything louder than 85dB. And many other robotic lawnmowers can get up to as loud as 75dB, which can result in an unpleasant conversation with your neighbors. 

Mowing Performance

The first thing to note is that the Redback mower is the gold standard in handling slopes. Any Redback Mowro RM24 review will tell you this. If you have a yard with lots of hills and changes in elevation, this mower is definitely the best option for you. Many other robotic mowers on the market cannot handle slopes, making them ineffective if you live in a hilly area. The Redback Mowro RM24 can climb slopes with a 50% grade, while most other motors can only handle about a 35-40% grade. 

The blades’ 9.5 cutting width helps it cover more ground faster, making it perfect for large yards. Mowers with small cutting ranges go back and forth far more, which takes more time and uses more battery power. It can be frustrating when you realize your robotic mower cut two-thirds of your grass and then had to go recharge. 

The Redback mower has a wide height adjustment range, so you can have it cut your grass to your exact specifications. From 1 inch to 2.5 inches in height, the mower will adjust to your preferences and keep your lawn looking crisp and sharp or luscious and full or somewhere in the middle, depending on what you want. 

Like most robotic mowers, the Redback mower uses the​ ‘cut often and cut small’ method, which means chopping the grass in many rotations into minuscule clippings. These clippings then get reabsorbed into the lawn as fertilizer to strengthen your grass and keep it healthy and green. 


The Redback Mowro RM24 is a wise choice if you have a lot of grass and land to maintain. The mower comes with 300 feet of guard wire, plus 100 wire stakes, that will act as the perimeter for your mower’s range. You can also purchase extra if you need to. It can maintain an average property of about .25 acres. 

A quarter of an acre is around the maximum size a residential mower will cover, so despite the Redback mower’s compact size, it can still manage spaces as large as the ultra heavy-duty mowers made for commercial use can. 

If you have one acre or more to mow, you should consider a commercial mower or resign to the fact that the Redback Mowro RM 24 will need to charge periodically while mowing the lawn. But luckily, the programming allows the mower to recharge and return to where it had left off mowing rather than restarting the path unnecessarily. 

Battery Life

This little machine has a great deal of battery life, so it can mow your lawn in one fell swoop. The 28V lithium-ion 4Ah battery gives the mower about two hours of battery life, which is plenty of time to mow most yards. 

The mower will return itself to the charging station when it begins to run out of battery. As it dies, it turns its blades off to save power to return to the charger. Some mowers don’t automatically do this and will die in the middle of your lawn. This forces you to get it and plug it in to charge, which is a bothersome inconvenience. It also may take you a while to even realize your mower has died, allowing your grass to overgrow before you rectify the situation. 

The battery should last between 2 and 4 years, depending on how often you use it. Some mowers use batteries that need to be replaced yearly, so the Redback’s battery has a longer life than average, saving you time and money. It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge and start mowing again. 

Setup and Installation

The setup is the most frustrating part of owning the Redback mower. The first step is to lay down the guard wire to ensure the mower won’t exit the designated grass area. The setup can take up to three hours which is a taxing process. 

Once this is done, and you’ve set it up to avoid trees, bushes, ponds, or other obstacles, you set up the charging station. It needs to be out of direct sunlight and should be closer to your home to reduce the chances of it being stolen. 

Then you need to program your scheduled mowing times onto the mower, which on average takes about ten minutes. The robotic mower saves you time in the sense you do not need to mow your own lawn weekly, or however often, but it does take a lot of time for the initial setup. 


The Redback Mowro RM24 is an excellent robotic mower for many homeowners, however, there are plenty of other robotic mowers out there that may be better geared towards your specific needs. For alternatives to the Redback mower, read our top 5 alternatives for specific needs like yard size, technology, and more. 

  1. Mower With An App: Navimo Smart Mower 

Unlike the Redback mower, the Navimo smart mowers have smartphone capabilities and can be turned on or off from an app on your phone. Traipsing over to your robotic mower every time you want to use it or adjust the schedule can be slightly annoying. With a fully smart mower, you can mow your lawn from your couch if the mood strikes you. This is a great mower for people that don’t want to go outside and deal with the mower itself and want all the power right at their fingertips. The market is surely moving in this direction, so soon all robotic mowers will have this technology. 

  1. Best For Large Yards: Robomow RS Royal 

This monster is perfect for giant yards that need a lot of maintenance. If you have a rough variety of grass or a massive area that needs mowing, the Robomow RS Royal is the best choice. Unlike the Redback, it can handle rough patches and mow over divots with ease. It can also handle about .25 acres but has more power and stability than the Redback mower. And despite its power, it weighs a pound less than the Redback Mowro RM24. 

  1. Quietest Mower: McCulloch ROB S400 

If you have particularly fussy neighbors or you are very sensitive to noise, the Mcculloch ROB S400 is the best mower for you. It is incredibly quiet, producing only 56dB, which is the quietest mower on the market. If you live in a densely populated area, this mower is guaranteed not to intrude on your neighbors’ peace and quiet. In general, the sounds of mechanical equipment are unpleasant, so everyone can benefit from having a near-silent lawnmower. 

  1. Best for A Budget: Lawnmaster L10

If you are looking for an affordable robotic lawn mower, there are some great options out there, including this Lawnmaster L10 that is under $500. The Redback costs somewhere between $900 and $1,000, so this Lawnmaster will save you a chunk of cash while still offering high-performance lawn cutting. The robotic lawn mower industry is still in its infancy leaving a lot of room for prices to fluctuate with demand. So the super expensive models may wind up becoming more affordable, making it unnecessary to spend that much today when there are cheaper options like the Lawnmaster L10. 

  1. Best For Small Yards: Gardena SILENO Minimo 

If you have a smaller yard that does not need a heavy-duty mower, you shouldn’t have to get something super heavy. The Gardena SILENO model is compact, weighing only 13 pounds, and can fit neatly into a shed or garage during the winter months. While the Redback is a compact model, it is massive compared to the Gardena SILENO, which is the ideal robotic mower for people with no more than 2,700 square feet of grass. Mowers designed for larger areas can sometimes have difficulty turning around in small yards and executing precise cutting and edging. But this Gardena has perfected how to cut smaller lawns, so every inch is how you want it. 

Bottom Line

In summary, the Redback Mowro RM24 is one of the best options on the market for robotic lawnmowers. Although it may not be the ideal lawn mower for everyone’s needs, there is a great portion of homeowners that will enjoy the Redback Mowro RM24, and all the time it saves them keeping their lawn freshly cut and maintained. 

For people just entering the world of robotic lawnmowers, this is a great model to start with because it does the job without having too many fancy add-ons. While the smart-phone capable mowers can be handy, some people want something simpler. 

The Redback mower shines in its ability to climb steep slopes and tackle large areas with ease. It is moderately affordable for its capabilities and lightweight in comparison to more heavy-duty models that can take up a ton of space on your property. 

Probably the most important features of this mower are all of the safety measures the machine takes to protect people and animals that may come into contact with it. If you are a parent to small children, a pet owner, or want to take extra steps to ensure your little lawn robot will not hurt anyone, the Redback Mowro RM24 is one of the safest automatic mowers available. The auto-stop feature is extra sensitive to obstacles, inclines, and other malfunctions that could lead to terrible accidents. 

The worst part of the Redback is the setup process. But many robotic mowers require the same process before you can begin using the mower. Nevertheless, it is a hassle that many complain about when reviewing the model. And if your yard has divots, ponds, and other concave obstacles, the Redback may not fare as well as other mowers. 

But in the end, the Redback Mowro RM24 is a useful tool in keeping your lawn clean-cut and healthy without sacrificing every Saturday morning throughout the summer. 

So if you’re seek of spending your free time pushing a clunky lawnmower around, and being that neighbor that lets their front yard become a safari destination get the Redback Mowro RM24 today!


How do robot lawn mowers work?

Robot lawn mowers use a combination of sensors, algorithms, and navigation systems to navigate a lawn and cut grass with minimal human input.
Here is how robot lawn mowers generally work:
1. Mapping: The robot lawn mower first maps out the lawn using onboard sensors, such as GPS, sonar, or infrared. This mapping helps the mower to determine the size and shape of the lawn, as well as any obstacles, such as trees or flower beds.
2. Programming: Once the lawn is mapped, the user can program the robot lawn mower with specific mowing patterns, such as a spiral or random pattern. The mower can also be programmed with a schedule to mow the lawn at specific times.
3. Navigation: The robot lawn mower uses its sensors to navigate the lawn, avoiding obstacles and staying within the boundaries of the lawn. Some models use a boundary wire or GPS coordinates to create a virtual fence around the lawn, while others use sensors to detect the edge of the lawn.
4. Mowing: As the robot lawn mower navigates the lawn, it uses its blades to cut the grass to the desired length. Some models use a random pattern to ensure that the entire lawn is mowed evenly, while others use a more structured pattern.
5. Charging: When the robot lawn mower’s battery gets low, it will return to its charging station to recharge. Some models can also be programmed to mow the lawn in sections, returning to the charging station after each section is mowed.
Overall, robot lawn mowers are designed to be easy to use and require minimal human intervention. They can save homeowners time and effort, and can also help to maintain a healthy lawn by cutting grass more frequently and evenly.

How much does a robot lawn mower cost

Basic models: $500 to $1,000. Example- Redback Mowro RM24
Mid-range models: $1,000 to $2,500 Example- husqvarna automower review
High-end models: $2,500 to $5,000+


Best Robot Lawn Mower

Top Pick -Redback MowRo RM24​