How to Stop Green Light on Alexa – 4 Tips You Should Try

Alexa's green light, while beautiful, is sometimes frustrating. Here we discuss tips on how to stop green light on Alexa to get the best out of your Echo.

Alexa is an excellent virtual assistant, offering an enjoyable experience. This cloud-based voice service can assist you with various tasks, from mundane tasks like turning off the lights to imaginative ones like playing music or telling tales.

The Amazon Echo, popularly known as Alexa, also has an elegant design with rainbow colors flashing from time to time. These colors, yellow, red, and green, flash to convey distinct messages, and understanding the message is one way to enjoy Alexa’s services. For instance, a spinning or flashing green light signifies a call. This could mean you have an incoming call or you are on a call.

Although these lights are notifications and pass distinct messages, they can become distracting sometimes, especially when trying to get some sleep or concentrate.

If you are on this page, it means you want to know how to stop green light on Alexa. So, read on as we provide ways to stop or turn off the Alexa’s green light.

How to Stop Green Light on Alexa

There are several proven ways on how to turn off the green light in Alexa, some simple, others complex. Nonetheless, here are 4 ways on how to stop green light on Alexa.

1. Call Notification! What Do We Do About It?

How to Stop Green light on Alexa

The flashing green light is Alexa’s way of telling you there is an incoming call. So, there are three things you could do; take the call, decline it or ignore it. However, regardless of what you do, please note that this is a temporary fix.

So, what happens if you take the call?

Well, if you decide to receive the call, the green light will keep spinning. This is an indication that you are on an active call. But once you drop the call, the green light automatically goes off.

If you decide to decline the call, the green light will go off automatically. Besides, if you decide to ignore it, the green light will stop showing after some time.

Since this is temporary, is there another way?

2. Well, You Can Ask Alexa Politely!

How to stop green light on Alexa

The green light is part of Alexa’s wide array of notification systems. So, one easy way on how to stop green light on Alexa is to ask her to “Turn On Do Not Disturb”. You know she has heard you when she responds, “I Won’t Disturb You.” This is one of the things to ask Alexa!

With the “Do Not Disturb” mode on, the green lights won’t come on since you won’t receive notifications.

Ready to receive notifications again? Just say, “Alexa, Turn Off, Do Not Disturb,” and you will start receiving notifications again, including the flashing green lights.

3. Turn on “Do Not Disturb” – Why Ask When You Can Do It Yourself?

How to Stop Green Light on Alexa

Turning on DND or “Do Not Disturb” is one way to guarantee the green lights stop bugging you. However, once you turn this on, you kiss goodbye to getting real-time alerts. There are two ways to achieve this, and we’ve discussed the first way. The second way on how to stop green light on Alexa is to manually turn on “Do Not Disturb” using your phone.

Not sure how to do this? Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Access the Alexa app using your phone
  • Click on devices
  • Click on Echo & Alexa
  • Select your device
  • Click on Do Not Disturb and Toggle It on to Enable it
  • Repeat the same process to disable it later.

4. If DND is Not For You, Try Disconnecting Your Phone From Alexa

Are you tired of distracting green lights? Well, you could disconnect your phone from Alexa. This is the best way how to stop green light on Alexa! However, doing this means you would no longer receive calls and notifications from your phone through Alexa. If this is something you want to go through with, then here are simple steps to delete your device from Alexa App;

  • Access the Alexa app
  • Click on Devices
  • Tap Echo and Alexa
  • Tap on your device
  • Click on Bluetooth Devices
  • Select the device you want to remove, to do this;
    • Select your device
    • Click on Forget
  • Repeat the above procedure with all devices you want to be removed.


Alexa is one very functional virtual assistant that helps us perform various diverse tasks and smart home routine ideas. It uses lighting as a form of notification. However, sometimes the green flashing lights and other indicators become distracting. So, we provided tips above on how to stop green light on Alexa, that way you can keep enjoying Alexa with minimal fuss.


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Alexa blinking or flashing green light is part of its notification system. It does not mean something is wrong with your Echo, so rest easy!