Best Digital Lock for Sliding Door – Top 5

After reviewing over five digital locks for sliding doors and found the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock to be the best digital lock for sliding doors. 

Digital locks for sliding doors have offered immense benefits to the security of our homes. You will not have to worry about someone accessing your home due to stolen keys, lost keys, or even damaged keyed locks when you have digital locks. 

To get the best results with a digital lock for sliding doors, you need to install the best available in the market. In this article, I have done the hard work and come up with a list for you to find the best digital lock for sliding doors so you do not have to break a sweat.

I chose the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock as my best digital lock for sliding doors because of its easy installation, fast actuation of the lock, durability, and sense motion detection system. I also prefer this product because you can connect it with other products like a deadbolt lock (Lockbox Projector), Key Pad (Keypad), accessory kits for replacement locksets, or motion sensor detectors.

My top 5 digital locks for sliding doors have been selected based on various factors such as customer reviews, security ratings, prices, and ease of use. I have the best overall, best security, best digital features, best keyless touchscreen, and best Bluetooth pick. I assure you that you’ll get both convenience and optimum safety for your property with this list. 

Keep reading to find out more about the five best digital locks for sliding doors 2021.

ULTRALOQ Smart Lock: Best Overall


The Ultraloq Smart Lock is an incredibly versatile and secure digital lock that will ensure that your home has a 5-in-1 keyless lock for your sliding door. This lock is easily the best overall, given its ability to provide you and your loved ones with optimum convenience, security, and flexibility.

With this ingenious lock design, you can remotely access and control your door even when you are away from your property. It gives you the power to monitor every activity involving your sliding door.


  • The key is on your finger. This lock identifies your fingerprint in split seconds. Never again will you have to search for your keys.
  • You can control your Smart Lock from anywhere with the Ultraloq Wi-Fi Bridge. Google Assistant and Alexa also offer voice control.
  • Your Smart Lock allows you to share codes for scheduled, temporary, or permanent access with family, friends, and others you trust quickly and effortlessly.
  • Use your anti-peep key, smartphone app, or your fingerprint to unlock your digital Lock.
  • Superior quality. Thanks to its robust and easy zinc alloy design, the Smart Lock provides flawless access in your family’s busy life. It consists of long-lasting weather-proof material that ensures that it keeps working in all weather conditions.


  • It instantly and automatically responds to commands.
  • Total access control through fingerprint, keypad, and voice controls.
  • Straightforward DIY operation and installation
  • Long battery life supports up to 8000 times access capability.
  • It fits various standard doors appropriately. 

This lock is ideal for everyone looking forward to getting effective security on their sliding doors. Also, it is best for people who are mostly away from home and need to remotely grant access to loved ones and other roommates from time to time. 

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi: Best for Security

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch

The eufy Touch lock is a well-designed gadget that revolutionizes your home security. This lock effortlessly protects your family, privacy, and property with sophisticated encryption technology and advanced materials. 

The lock allows you to grant access to those people you trust, and you are comfortable with them accessing your home.


  • Smart Lock Touch supports Wi-Fi, and you can unlock it from anywhere. With the Wi-Fi Bridge, you can open Smart Lock Touch from any location.
  • Smart Lock recognizes your fingerprint in split seconds, and it’s quicker than having to look for your keys.
  • Five unlocking methods: Open your sliding door easily using your fingerprints, use Wi-Fi, or even the digital keypad.
  • It has an automatic locking feature. 
  • It allows you to communicate with people at your front door using voice.
  • Use Google assistant and Alexa to issue commands.


  • Has 98% accurate fingerprint recognition.
  • Stores personal information locally rather than on the cloud, providing 100% confidentiality(supported by AES128 encryption chip).
  • Very strong(Can hold 1122kg of weight). Perfect for overcoming the wear and tear of daily usage.
  • It has an IP65 waterproof which thus can withstand all types of weather.
  • It is one of the most durable digital locks that has undergone more than 250,000 rounds of tests.

This digital lock is best for those who want more security with customizable features that can allow access to specific family members.

Hornbill 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Keypad Door Lock: Best Digital Features

Hornbill 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Keypad Door Lock

Hornbill is a reputable company that prides itself in having many multinational designers, engineers, product specialists, and marketers who are enthusiastic about the creation of game-changing products.

This lock has incredible digital capabilities, including a keyless entry that gives you true freedom. You will undoubtedly get ample convenience as your property gets safer with this lock. Its 5-in-1 access capabilities will leave you impressed.  


  • It features a keyless entry mechanism. You have the ability to unlock and lock your door using fobs, passcodes, as well as your smartphone fingerprints.
  • You can control access to your smart lock to employees, housekeepers, visitors, and other guests. Allow access for a few minutes, hours, or weeks, and you can cancel such access ability as needed. 
  • DIY installation made easy: Using only a drill and a screwdriver, you are able to install this lock all by yourself in a few minutes. All you need to do is follow the given instructions. 
  • You also get a feature that alerts you when the battery is low. 


  • Equipped with the best fingerprint unlock system, which effortlessly recognizes that every fingerprint is unique.
  • The design keeps your lock safe during all weather conditions.
  • With the TTLock app, your phone is the key to this digital lock.
  • It is enhanced with an anti-peep keypad to protect your passcode from prying eyes.
  • Also, this digital lock can be locked or unlocked during low power sessions by charging using a USB-C charging cable.
  • You can share passwords with other people, even for specific dates.

With the above features, this lock is best for people who wish to have the most robust protection with the capability to grant personalized access to trustworthy people.

Also, Smart Lock Front Door is great for families or landlords who want to enjoy more privacy without compromising home security.

AKASO Smart Lock: Best Keyless Touchscreen

AKASO Smart Lock

This lock has an incredible touch screen keypad that illuminates with a blue light to help you see in the dark. The lock allows you to invite and allow access to people you trust into your home. You can use this keyless lock for your sliding door remotely, and you do not have to be personally at home, thereby giving you immense convenience. 


  • This lock is made in a way that it operates optimally through your smartphone. However, it also supports passwords for convenience.  
  • Emergency unlocking feature. This lock has a deadbolt and is suitable for both interior and exterior doors. You can assign temporary codes to staff, housekeepers, visitors, as well as guests. 
  • Real-time protection and monitoring. As the admin of the home, you will receive records of every activity that happens with your doors on your smartphone. When someone inputs the wrong password five times, then your lock will automatically lock itself for five minutes. It will only unlock when the correct password is entered. 
  • Automatic locking provides additional security. Even when your door is accidentally left unlocked, this digital lock will automatically lock itself. 
  • Battery low alarm. You do not have to worry about your battery running low without your knowledge. The lock will alert you to replace the batteries in advance for a flawless security experience.


  • Touch screen blue light keypad allows a quick manual entry for door rights.
  • You can share authorized codes with your family members or guests.
  • With a very loud intrusion alarm function, the lock will stop anyone from getting into your property in a short time.
  • It has an additional deadlock button feature that blocks people from getting in even with the correct passcode.
  • It’s a power-efficient product with built-in solar panels and a remote battery pack charger. It automatically detects the low voltage when no external electrical supply is available to effectively benefit from this energy-saving mode.

It’s ideal for youngsters and anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone. It’s also a terrific alternative for times when you don’t want to take your phone, such as on a morning run because it supports passwords as well.

COOLOUS Fingerprint Lock: Best Bluetooth Pick

COOLOUS Fingerprint Lock

This lock assures you of a 4-in-1 access capability. However, its Bluetooth capabilities set it apart from the rest. You will be able to remotely lock and unlock it using this incredible Bluetooth feature.


  • Super Convenient 4-in-1 entry options.
  • TUYA Bluetooth App. You get incredible Bluetooth technology whereby you can add many users. This application also allows you to manage user authorization, fingerprint input, battery power, and unlock features.
  • DIY installation is both long-lasting and straightforward. 
  • Anti-peep virtual password. With this feature, you can safely input random digits behind or in front of the correct password to create many passwords to secure your home seamlessly.
  • You can get a refund within 30 days of receiving the lock if you are not happy with it. The refund policy is further proof of the company’s commitment to satisfy its clients.
  • You also get free lifetime technical support and a one-year warranty. You do not have to worry if the lock breaks down as you will get it repaired or replaced within no time.


  • It has a battery backup function and supports fingerprint swipe technology.
  • Compatible with the “TUYA Smart” app. Duplicate the strong password easily on your smartphone screen to make life easier by opening the door without unlocking it. It can also auto-connect when you turn on the power after five seconds in sleep mode, which only needs a short wake-up time if you need to use it.
  • You only need a few minutes to install this digital lock.
  • You can add more than 200 fingerprints, and more than 100 passcodes can support.
  • It comes with a free lifetime app.

This electronic lock for sliding doors is best for those who want to protect their home while also enjoying keyless security.

Buying Guide

Highlighted below are the key aspects you should look out for when looking at the best digital locks for your sliding doors.


As with most gadgets, smart locks always come with a couple of features that set them apart from the crowd and give you something to think about when deciding what kind of lock is suitable for your needs.

When choosing your favorite digital sliding door lock, you need to compare the various features offered by each model. Before deciding on your final choice, always ask yourself what each component does and the value it will add to your security system.

Lock Type

Since there are various digital locks for sliding doors available in the market, it helps to know your specific situation to tell which one is right for your needs. Decide whether you want a keypad & combination, keyless & wireless, fob enabled, or a biometric and fingerprint digital lock. 

Once you know what works best for you, it will be straightforward to select something you are happy with.


A key component to the effective working of any digital lock is the connectivity available in your home. You will need to consider the kind of connectivity you have installed or are planning to install within your property before selecting a digital lock for your sliding door. 

Highlighted below are some of the connectivity options you should have.

  • Wi-Fi. If the lock you select uses this kind of connection to function, you should ensure that your property has access to Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi option will give you the power to conveniently unlock and lock your doors remotely from any location away from your home.
  • Bluetooth. This kind of connectivity will also give you remote access capability. However, the distance is limited to a few meters from the digital lock. Bluetooth is much easier on your batteries, and they will last longer when compared to someone using Wi-Fi.
  • Z-wave. With this kind of connection, you will not connect to your mobile device directly. It communicates with a home hub and then generates a signal that your router can understand. 


When you purchase the best digital lock for your sliding door, you need to consider the cost. The pricing of these products is relevant to their features, functionality, connectivity,  and installation location. The cost of other accessories that you might need during the installation process could further inflate the price. 

It is, therefore, vital for you to know your budget and select your preferred digital lock accordingly.


Everyone wants to get great value for their hard-earned cash, and it is not different when you are looking to buy the best digital lock for a sliding door. You need to be sure that the safety you purchase is long-lasting and can withstand external environmental impacts while still functioning optimally. 

It should be able to function in cold, hot, or even humid weather conditions. Such a lock that can resist wear and tear will surely give you value for your money.


As much as the functionality of your digital locks is critical, you should also consider the aesthetic appeal it brings to your home. For instance, what is the best lock for a sliding glass door? It will help if you look out for that lock that is stylish, modern, and elegant. Putting in a bit of extra time will ensure that the lock secures and also compliments the beauty of your home. 


Every manufacturer that has trust in their product will give a more extended warranty period. Always go for the digital lock that has a more extended warranty period. You will ensure that you get a quality lock, and at the same time, have immense peace of mind. If the safety were to malfunction, you would have it repaired or replaced for free. 

What is the Best Lock for a Sliding Glass Door

Our review of digital locks for sliding doors determines that the ULTRALOQ Lever is the best digital lock for sliding doors and our overall preferred option.

It does a fantastic job of giving you top-notch remote-controlled security for your home. If you’re looking for the best electronic lock for sliding doors, our first choice is the ULTRALOQ Lever!

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