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Many household appliances are going towards a smart design and functionality. Toilets are no exception. Today we are going to compare several different smart toilets models and ultimately highlight the best smart toilet – here are the models we looked into:

With many options available, it can be challenging to research all possibilities and weigh the pros and cons of each. That is why we have taken the initiative to explore all the necessary information and share our findings with you in this comprehensive guide. 

We know that there are many different features that each model and brand have, and we have devoted a significant amount of time to thoroughly investigating each option available and examining which are most beneficial for your home and family needs. 

This guide packs all of the necessary knowledge you need surrounding the different models of smart toilets and delivers to you the best smart toilet option. 

At A Glance

At any other time, replacing a toilet in your house is a pretty simple task. There aren’t many factors that distinguish one from another besides the typical height, color, and capacity determinants. 

But smart toilets are an entirely different realm. Not only do they have technology integrated into their design, but they have a surplus of features that you wouldn’t typically expect. 

Choosing the best smart toilet includes assessing all the features included in the product, investigating the ease of use, analyzing any recurring maintenance necessary, and comparing the cost with the associated benefits and overall reviews. 

With that being said, every household has different needs. One feature may be highly beneficial to one homeowner but nowhere near necessary for another. It is essential to know what characteristics are best suited for your environment and circumstances and look for the best option that incorporates those factors. 

Additionally, smart toilets aren’t just made for residential conditions. Many high-end commercial businesses and retail stores install smart toilets for employee and client use. Although most listed below in our guide are primarily for residential use, it is essential to note any commercial needs. Some brands within this guide have different options for those looking to incorporate smart toilets into business environments. 

A top concern for business owners is that utilizing a smart toilet in these establishments requires the examination of a higher level of need. Individuals will use these toilets with more frequency than a residential setting would incur. Because of that, it is vital to prioritize models that are capable of more significant use, and that can withstand commercial conditions.

To learn more about the featured characteristics that the different innovative toilet models encompass, continue reading below!


With all the features that a smart toilet can contain, we thought it best to highlight the most popular ones available to consumers and then specify which models incorporate those specific traits. This guide layout will help you determine which characteristics pertain to your particular need and reference specific models that include what you decide to be necessary.

Smart Flush

Smart Toilet

One of the most popular features of an intelligent toilet is its ability to estimate the appropriate amount of water needed to flush. Whereas standard toilets deliver the same amount of water into the tank for each flush, regardless of need, a smart toilet produces only the necessary amount.

This option is highly sought after due to its efficient ability to preserve water. With many areas of the world experiencing drought-like conditions, reducing one’s usage is often top of mind. 

Models That Include Smart Flush:

  • Woodbridge Journey One Piece 1.1GPF/1.6 GPF Dual Flush
  • Modern Smart One-Piece 1.27 GPF Floor Mounted Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • LEIVI Smart Bidet Toilet.
  • Prodigy Smart Toilet Bidet System with Auto Open and Auto Flush
  • Woodbridge Athena White Elongated Custom Height Toilet 

Although all models above include different variations of the smart flush, the winner in this category goes to the Prodigy Smart Toilet. The high reviews associated with this particular feature in the Prodigy model show us that not only does this option work for its consumers, but it works very well. 

In purchasing the Prodigy Smart Toilet model, you will alleviate your concerns over excessive water use and subsequent waste. This model will monitor and reduce usage so that you don’t have to worry about it. 

Air Dryer

In an effort to reduce and possibly eliminate the need for toilet paper or flushable wipes, smart toilets have rolled out technology that incorporates air dryer features to leave you with a similar wiped feeling without actually utilizing toilet paper. 

To activate this in most models, the dryer will automatically turn on after completing a bidet rinse. Depending on how it is powered, this can either be self-controlled and timed by the user or utilize an automatic on and off power option. 

Models That Include An Air Dryer:

Most models in this list have very comparable air dryers. However,the LEIVI Smart Bidet Toilet tops the list. What differentiates the LEIVI brand from the others is the flexible option for drying temperature. 

By using an included remote, you can navigate the heat level up or down to meet your comfort needs. Not only can you have it match your exact requirements, but the following user can adjust it to meet theirs.

Heated Seating

One of the most prominent wake-up calls in the morning happens when you exit your warm and comfortable bed and sit on a cold and hard toilet. Because of this, many intelligent toilet brands have introduced heated seats into some of their models.

With this benefit, you can either pre-program what time you want the seat to start the warm-up process or push a button to begin warming before you sit down. No longer will you be shocked into consciousness by a cold toilet seat!

Models That Include Heated Seating:

  • Kohler Eir Comfort Height Elongated One-Piece Dual-Flush Intelligent Chair
  • Woodbridge Revel One Piece 1.1GPF/1.6 GPF Dual Flush 
  • Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • Modern Smart One-Piece 1.27 GPF Floor Mounted Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • LEIVI Smart Bidet Toilet, Smart Toilet with Built-in Bidet Seat
  • Woodbridge Athena White Elongated Custom Height Toilet 

Heated seating is available in all of the models above, but the one that displays the best performance is the Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece. Not only does this seat come with an embedded heater, but it can be programmed to start the warming process before you even get out of bed! 

You can adjust the temperature to your liking and even set up a morning cleansing routine. The design of the Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece is visually appealing and advanced, providing an excellent experience for all who use it. 

Automatic Flush

Just like the many commercial-style toilets that you encounter, smart toilets utilize an automatic flush as well. As you rise from a seated position or walk away from the bathroom, the sensors will direct the device to initiate a flush. 

No longer do you need to worry about family members forgetting to fulfill the last step of the bathroom toileting process. With this option, the job completes for them without any extra effort on their part. It’s a win all around!

Models That Include Automatic Flush:

  • Kohler Eir Comfort Height Elongated One-Piece Dual-Flush Intelligent Chair
  • Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • Modern Smart One-Piece 1.27 GPF Floor Mounted Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • LEIVI Smart Bidet Toilet.
  • Prodigy Smart Toilet Bidet System with Auto Open and Auto Flush
  • Woodbridge Athena White Elongated Custom Height Toilet 

An automatic flush is a pretty straightforward operation, but the winner takes it a step further. The Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece not only has an automatic flush, but it incorporates the event into a cleaning process.

Not only will your toilet get flushed without you triggering the process, but the interior bowl will be clean and refreshed for subsequent use. The straightforward operation just got better with this addition.

Remote Control

There are different ways to operate your smart toilet. Some models will have buttons along the side where you select the function that you desire. Other brands incorporate a screen above the fixture to dictate what you want to utilize. However, many models use a remote control that allows you to select various options while sitting.

The benefit of the remote control, outside of possessing the ability to control the different aspects of your toilet, is that you can remain in your desired position while using it. With panels and side buttons, you are often twisting and rotating your body to access the controls. However, with the remote control, you can remain in your original position and have a complete handle on the product’s operations. 

Models That Include a Remote Control:

  • Woodbridge Revel One Piece 1.1GPF/1.6 GPF Dual Flush 
  • Kohler Eir Comfort Height Elongated One-Piece Dual-Flush Intelligent Chair
  • Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • Modern Smart One-Piece 1.27 GPF Floor Mounted Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • Ihometea Elongated One Piece Smart Toilet With Advanced Bidet
  • Orren Ellis Elongated One Piece Smart Toilet With Advanced Bidet 
  • LEIVI Smart Bidet Toilet.
  • Woodbridge Athena White Elongated Custom Height Toilet 

The addition of having a remote control for your smart toilet is excellent no matter the detail involved with it. However, the remote control of a particular intelligent toilet model caught our eye due to its unique design.

The Kohler Eir Comfort Height has an included remote control that is a touchscreen. Whereas all other models utilize remote controls that are push buttons, this one, in particular, operates like a smartphone. It’s nice to have the seamless transition from smartphone to remote since we frequently use touchscreens in a mobile environment.

Emergency Flushing System

Flushing a toilet during bad weather and power outages is something that we don’t often think of doing on a typical day. However, when your toilet is operated by electricity, it can pose a problem. Because of this potential issue, many brands have implemented features within specific models to account for these occurrences. 

Although many periods of power outage are brief, there are many examples where individuals lacked electricity for a significant period. Having an alternative option to be still able to flush your toilet is highly beneficial for these moments of the unknown in our lives.

Models That Include an Emergency Flushing System:

  • Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Skirted
  • Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • Modern Smart One-Piece 1.27 GPF Floor Mounted Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • LEIVI Smart Bidet Toilet.

Out of the ten products we reviewed on the market, only four contained an emergency flushing method for the event of a power outage. All four allow the user to flush during these unfortunate moments manually.

However, the model that helps us feel more secure using it during these inopportune times is the Kohler Eir Comfort Height. What we appreciate most is that it states explicitly that you can manually flush up to 100 times during periods of a power outage. 


Those bathroom trips in the middle of the night can be problematic for several reasons. It’s dark and difficult to see; however, you don’t want to turn on a light because your eyes aren’t used to being in brightness, and turning one on will effectively blind you as you’re trying to use the bathroom.   

But of course, the creators of smart toilets have thought about this issue. In the interest of boosting their status to that of the best smart toilet, many brands have implemented a night light for those late-night bathroom breaks. 

Models That Include a Nightlight:

  • Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Skirted
  • Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • Modern Smart One-Piece 1.27 GPF Floor Mounted Elongated Toilet and Bidet
  • HOROW Smart Toilet
  • Prodigy Smart Toilet Bidet System with Auto Open and Auto Flush
  • Woodbridge Athena White Elongated Custom Height Toilet 

Although all of the toilets above contain a nightlight of some variety, many only illuminate the bowl. While this is beneficial, it is more so when the user doesn’t have to navigate through the complete dark to locate the toilet. 

The Prodigy Smart Toilet Bidet System illuminates brighter than the other models, allowing both the bowl and the room to be enlightened. As the winner in this category, this model will enable you to make your way to your toilet more safely than you would in complete darkness. 

Best Smart Toilet Overall -Ove Decor

In looking at ten of the most popular models on the market, there are many variables to consider. As stated above, we analyzed which belonged in the category of “Best Smart Toilet” based on performance in specific categories.

In reviewing all the different aspects associated with these ten popular models, we have concluded that the winner of the best overall smart toilet belongs to: Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet and Bidet

When looking at the premium features associated with this brand and model, as well as average price, maintenance needs, and overall reviews, this option ranked at the top. 

With its copious innovative highlights and routine care regimen, the Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece wows customers right off the bat. However, it extends further with a competitive price point and high consumer reviews. When previous and current product users are pleased with their purchase, it’s a good sign that you will be too! 

Customers appreciate the care that goes into packaging and shipping the product. Additionally, the ease of use makes operating the new fixture a breeze. Many purchasers have been able to forego buying toilet paper due to the premium features offered by the Ove Decor Smart 1-Piece. 

Best Budget Option-HOROW Smart Toilet with Heated Bidet

Another top option in the realm of intelligent toilets caters to those looking to get the most for their budget. It is possible to incorporate smart toilets into your home without breaking the bank.

For those in the market who don’t have much to spend, the following option may fit their needs:

HOROW Smart Toilet with Heated Bidet

HOROW Smart Toilet

Priced below what other comparable models are, the HOROW has many features that will prove beneficial. Even with a lower price tag, they come out on top with all the options included in their One Piece model.

The downside to this model is that the brand isn’t as widely known as others on the market. Therefore, reviews are not as readily available, and the opportunity to read feedback from customers isn’t easy to come by.

Easiest To Maintain- KOHLER Veil One-Piece

Most plumbers know how to fix a standard toilet, but those fixtures of the smart variety have different needs. Having the ability to acquire necessary parts and service is critical to keeping your bathroom functioning.

The model with the easiest path to acquiring parts promptly, as well as finding available service options, is: Kohler Eir Comfort Height Elongated One-Piece Dual-Flush Intelligent Chair

kOHLER Veil One-Piece

Kohler is a famous brand, sold throughout the world and found in many homes. Opportunities to acquire assistance and repair essentials are highly likely when incorporating this brand and model into your home.

Additionally, if you are looking to bring intelligent toilet models into a commercial environment, Kohler has options available for you on both their website and in retail locations.


We did out best trying to find the best smart toilet, and we examined the factors we believe are the most important ones. Now it’s your turn to make a decision.

For those wanting to incorporate more innovative technology into their home or business, this guide helps you understand what you need to know. We also offer alternatives for those who want innovative technology without all the bells and whistles.

If you are enlightened by the information above and are interested in purchasing, here is the list of the smart toilets reviewed:


What is the average cost of a smart toilet?

Basic models of smart toilets with essential features like bidet functionality, heated seats, and water temperature control typically start around $500 and can go up to $1,500.
Mid-range smart toilets with additional features such as automatic lid opening/closing, air drying, deodorizers, and customizable settings can cost between $1,500 and $3,000.
High-end smart toilets that offer advanced features like built-in speakers, wireless controls, remote monitoring, self-cleaning functions, and adjustable water pressure can range from $3,000 to $10,000 or more.

What are the main functions of a smart toilet?

Bidet functionality: Smart toilets often include a built-in bidet system that allows for personalized cleansing. This feature typically involves a wand or nozzle that extends from the toilet bowl and sprays a controlled stream of water for cleaning purposes. The water pressure and temperature can usually be adjusted according to user preferences.
Heated seats: Many smart toilets have heated seats to provide comfort during use. The temperature of the seat can usually be adjusted to suit individual preferences.
Automatic lid opening/closing: Some smart toilets come with sensors that detect when a person approaches or leaves the toilet. These sensors can automatically open and close the toilet lid, providing convenience and a touchless experience.
Air drying: After using the bidet function, some smart toilets offer air drying capabilities. They have built-in fans that blow warm air to dry the user after cleansing, eliminating the need for toilet paper.
Deodorizers: Smart toilets often incorporate deodorizing systems to minimize odors. These systems typically use filters or air purifiers to remove unpleasant smells from the toilet bowl and the surrounding area.
Customizable settings: Many smart toilets allow users to customize various settings to suit their preferences. These settings may include water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, and even user profiles to save individual preferences for multiple users.
Self-cleaning functions: Certain smart toilets feature self-cleaning mechanisms that help maintain cleanliness and hygiene. These functions may include automated flushing, nozzle sterilization, and bowl surface treatments to prevent the buildup of bacteria or stains.
Connectivity and controls: Some advanced smart toilets offer connectivity options such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This allows users to control and adjust various settings using a mobile app or a dedicated remote control. Some models even incorporate voice control features, enabling users to operate the toilet using voice commands.

What are the disadvantages of smart toilets?

Cost: Smart toilets tend to be more expensive than traditional toilets. The additional technology and features incorporated into these toilets contribute to their higher price range. The cost of purchasing and installing a smart toilet may be prohibitive for some individuals or households.
Complexity: Smart toilets can be more complex to operate compared to standard toilets. They often come with various settings, controls, and options that may require a learning curve to understand and use effectively. This complexity may be challenging for individuals who are not comfortable with technology or who prefer simple and straightforward bathroom fixtures.
Reliance on electricity: Smart toilets typically require a power source to operate their advanced features. This means they need to be connected to an electrical outlet or have a battery backup. In the event of a power outage, the smart toilet may not function properly or may not work at all, unlike traditional toilets that can be used regardless of power availability.
Maintenance and repairs: The advanced technology in smart toilets can introduce additional maintenance and repair requirements. Components such as sensors, motors, and electronic controls may need occasional servicing or replacement. Repairing or replacing these specialized components may be more expensive and complicated compared to traditional toilets, which have fewer electronic or mechanical parts.
Limited compatibility: Some smart toilets may have compatibility issues with existing plumbing systems or bathroom configurations. Before purchasing a smart toilet, it’s important to ensure that it will fit and work properly with your existing plumbing setup. In some cases, modifications or professional installation may be necessary, adding to the overall cost.
Privacy concerns: Smart toilets with connectivity features, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, raise potential privacy concerns. If not adequately secured, there is a possibility of unauthorized access or hacking, which could compromise personal data or settings. It’s essential to choose reputable brands and follow best practices for securing smart devices to mitigate these risks.

Which smart toilet is the best?

We really liked the Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height and the KOHLER Veil One-Piece Skirted Toilet. There’s a huge price gap between the 2 but the both present a reliable brand with advanced features.

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