7 Best Multi functional Smart Beds for A Good Night Sleep

Multifunctional smart beds are upgrades to conventional beds. These beds are feature-packed and often double as workstations too. Here, we discuss the best multifunctional smart beds and their features.

We reviewed 7 multifunctional smart beds and concluded that Hariana Tech smart Ultimate Bed is the best overall. 

Have you ever wished to do everything from the comfort of your bed? Well, multifunctional smart beds are the actual answers to your silent prayers. The greatest smart mattresses and beds use the most cutting-edge technology to ensure you have the most restorative sleep and waking experience possible. With features like a built-in charging station and a bookshelf, you can become more productive while lying on your bed. 

The Hariana Tech smart ultimate bed stands as our favorite. Here are a few reasons; it features a massage chaise, thus ensuring you never experience body aches from using a bed. It also comes with built-in speakers, thus allowing you to play all the late-night songs you enjoy from the comfort of your bed. 

Hariana Tech’s smart ultimate bed being our top pick does not mean there aren’t other better brands with impressive features. For instance, if you want to get some work done in bed, the best in that category would be the Monica Upholstered Storage Bed with a desk. Regardless of your smart bed needs, there are many options for you. 

Keep reading as we shed more light on the best multifunctional smart beds for a good night’s sleep, their features, and buying guide to help you choose. 

Review of the 7 Best Multifunctional Smart Beds

In this section of the best multifunctional smart bed reviews, we will examine the top beds and their functionalities. We would also look at their best-use scenarios to inform you which would best suit your needs. 

1. Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed – Best Smart Bed Overall

Multifunctional Smart Beds By Hariana

The Hariana Tech smart Ultimate Bed embodies the word multifunctional and has many impressive features. This bed comes in various colors, including black, light gray, and white, as well as two main sizes; smart bed king size and queen. It has a two-inch under-bed clearance, giving this smart bed the ideal height. 

It features a massage chair ideal for use after a long day’s work. Besides, this chair helps relieve tension, among other health benefits

It also features a bookshelf for keeping your best-seller books. With a built-in charging port, you never have to leave the house with a low battery. 

Do you prefer working from the comfort of your bed? Then the Hariana Tech smart ultimate bed has got you covered with its desk feature ideal for placing your laptop. 

It features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to play your favorite late-night songs, boosting sleep quality and quantity. The top bed headrests are also adjustable, making for maximum sleep comfort.

Are you wondering if the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate bed is durable? Well, that would be a resounding YES! Made from pine wood, this bed was built to last a long time. 

This exciting part is that there is an ottoman for guests stored under the conditioning unit featured on this bed. So, if you do not want your guests on the bed, you can offer them the Ottoman.

So, what do you get when you buy Hariana? Genuine leather that lasts a lifetime, assembly tools, center support, headboard, footboard, and storage. 

The Hariana smart bed is for you if you love working from the comfort of your bedroom. This is also ideal if you often require a massage after a full day at the office!

2. Monica Upholstered Storage Bed – Best for easing stress

The Monica Upholstered storage bed is one of a kind multifunctional smart bed. It is a bed that has everything you need! It comes in a sleek black color and a design suitable for residential and non-residential use. This smart bed comes in two major sizes, King and Queen, with a size capacity of 800 lb. 

With this bed, your room gets more organized as it boasts a variety of storage options, including drawers, shelves, and a footboard storage bench. With upholstery material made from Genuine faux leather, this bed’s beauty is quite timeless. 

The Monica upholstered storage bed features a Bluetooth speaker and air circulation system for optimal comfort. It also features a desk for people who enjoy working from the comfort of their beds. With an Ottoman stored under the conditioning unit, your visitors can also enjoy the comfort of your room without necessarily using your bed. 

With a remote-controlled massage chair, this bed helps your body forget the day’s work stress while putting you in a relaxed state to enjoy the night’s rest. However, if you would rather recline and watch TV after the day’s work, Monica’s upholstered bed also features a recliner, so do not worry. 

The Monica smart bed also affords you an adjustable headrest and a two-inch under-bed clearance, making it easy to get on and off the bed. 

If optimal comfort is something you are interested in, then you should not pass up the chance to own a Monica upholstered bed, with its remote-controlled massage chair. 

3. Victor Ultimate Smart Multifunctional Bed – The best budget-friendly Smart Bed

The Victor Ultimate smart multifunctional bed gives you the freedom of choice you crave! How? For starters, it comes in two sizes; King and Queen. It also comes in various colors, including beige & brown, black & white, brown & beige, white & black, and gray & white. 

Aside from color options, you can also choose your ideal material and layout. The available material options include Bonded leather/left-hand facing chaise, Top grain Italian leather/left-hand facing chaise, bonded leather/right-hand facing chaise, and Top grain Italian leather/right-hand facing chaise. 

The chaise on this bed offers optimal comfort when you decide to watch TV or read a book on it. Besides, this multifunctional smart bed features a storage cabinet ideal for storing your books and magazines. It also features adjustable top headrests for optimal comfort. 

Are you tired of spilling drinks on the bed? The Victor ultimate smart multifunctional bed has covered you with its cup holder. 

Regarding smart bed prices, the Victor ultimate smart multifunctional bed is one of the most budget-friendly in the block. So if you are on a budget yet feel the need for a smart bed, the Victor is just right for you with its minimalist sleek design and options. 

4. Lucinda Multifunctional Smart Bed – Best Feature Packed Smart Bed

If your choice of a smart bed depends primarily on features, then you can’t go wrong with the Lucinda Modular modern multifunctional smart bed. The reason is that it is packed with many impressive features.  

The Lucinda smart bed comes in three basic colors; white, gray, and beige, as well as two sizes; King and queen. You also get a variety of material/layout options, including fabric/ (left and right hand facing layout), Bonded leather/ (left and right hand facing layout), and top grain Italian leather/ (left and right hand facing layout).

As far as storages go, this smart bed is not lacking. It features matching side storage for keeping your prized books and magazines, a built-in storage cabinet in the headboard, and a storage ottoman. All these storages help rid the living room of clutter. 

Aside from its storage, the Lucinda modular smart bed also features two convertible chairs, which often come in handy when you have visitors. It also comes with a portable reading lamp for your late-night dive into books and built-in Bluetooth speakers for playing your favorite songs. 

Do you enjoy working from the comfort of your bed? This smart bed also features a table, a desk for your laptop, and USB hookups to charge your devices. 

Additionally, some of this smart bed’s components are movable, allowing you to explore your creativity. 

If your room appears cluttered due to many things lying around, the Lucinda modular modern multifunctional smart bed with all its storage spaces might be ideal for you! As a bonus, you also enjoy the best night’s rest.

5. Sofia Deluxe Modern Multifunctional Smart Bed –  Best in safe storage spaces

The Sofia Deluxe Modern multifunctional smart bed comes in various colors, including blue, beige, white, and gray. The material/layout options available include fabric (left and right hand facing layout), bonded (left and right hand facing layout), and top grain Italian leather (left and right hand facing layout).

Like the other beds on this list, the Sofia modern bed also has Bluetooth speakers for playing nighttime songs and a remote-controlled massage chair for relieving stress after work. Also, with the light reading feature of this smart bed, you get to read your books and magazines from the comfort of your bed. Its USB charger feature helps ensure you never leave the bed with a low battery. 

The Sofia Deluxe Modern multifunctional smart bed also features ample storage spaces, including storage cabinets and openings at the base where you can store magazines and books. Asides from these conventional spaces, there are also storage spaces along the bed. However, one additional storage that makes the Sofia smart bed stand out is its safe box feature, where you can store important documents and items away from privy eyes. 

This smart bed is ideal for you if you want a bed that gives you comfortable night rests and a clutter-free room combo!

6. Claudia Modern Multifunctional Smart Bed – Best Modern styled Smart Bed 

The Claudia modern multifunctional smart bed is available in two sizes, King and Queen, and one basic color: brown. Also, you can choose from a range of materials and layouts, such as fabric (left and right hand facing layout), bonded leather (left and right hand facing layout), and top grain Italian leather (left and right hand facing layout).

This smart bed has plenty of storage options, including built-in side storage for storing your favorite books and periodicals and a storage ottoman. All of these storage spaces assist in decluttering the living room. 

Are you tired from working the whole day? The Claudia Modern style multifunctional smart bed features a remote-controlled massage chair designed to help relieve stress, promoting a good night’s rest. This chair also features an ottoman unit stored safely under the massage chair, ideal for entertaining guests in your bedroom. 

Are you looking to give your room a modern facelift? Then the Claudia modern-style bed might be perfect for your needs. It comes in a sleek, ultra-modern design that would complement any living space. 

7. Smart Bed 360 i8 – Best App Controlled Bed

Sleep Number 360 i8 smart bed is one of a kind in its ability to track your rest and sleep. This bed features a smart mattress that you can control with the aid of an app. This app lets you easily adjust the mattress from extra firm to extra soft and all the other firmness levels.

Here is more to the Sleep Number 360  review. 

There are two sides to this bed, and both can be adjusted individually to suit the sleeping habits of different sleepers. In other words, one part of the bed can be firm, while the other remains soft, based on sleeper choice. This bed also features a temperature-balancing surface, which keeps you cool or warm, as the case may be.

To help you drift off to sleep faster, the Sleep Number 360 i8 bed also features a base that can elevate your feet. Aside from helping you sleep on time, this bed also boosts blood circulation, improving health generally. 

Do you find it difficult to go to bed after a long day? Or do you have a partner with a mattress preference different from yours? Then the Sleep Number 360 i8 bed is the right choice for you. 

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Multifunctional Smart Beds

Before investing in smart beds, it’s wise to think about all the different features you might anticipate finding in a smart bed because they are frequently more expensive than ordinary beds. Consider which feature most appeals to you so you may choose the best smart beds for your needs. 

Below are some factors to consider when buying a multifunctional smart bed;

Massaging System

Numerous smart beds have massaging capabilities to further aid in relaxation. This frequently takes the shape of a massage chaise chair fastened to the bed. However, some beds have smart home technology like massaging functions built right into the mattress. Going for beds with a massage system is important to boost relaxation. 

Bluetooth Speakers

If you do not need music to fall asleep, this feature might not be all that important. Nonetheless, speakers could be a useful addition for people who want to listen to music in bed or audio books as they fall asleep. The bed frame typically includes speakers that can be connected using Bluetooth.

Remote Control

Several smart beds include a wireless remote that you can use to control all the different components. For added convenience, some smart beds may have touchpads or mobile applications. A remote control increases a smart bed’s convenience, as you get to give commands from your place of comfort. 

Storage Spaces

Smart mattresses can provide many storage options in addition to their technical functions. Examples are bookcases, drawers, bedside tables, and under-the-bed storage. As you won’t need to worry about buying extra storage goods, this could help you save money. Another benefit of storage spaces is that they help keep your bedroom space organized and decluttered.

USB Charging Ports

USB ports are a basic but useful feature that lets you charge your devices while you’re in bed. This also means you don’t have to worry if your smart bed is close to a plug outlet. With this feature, you will not experience low batteries after using your phone through the night. 

Additional Features

You need to look out for additional features when buying a smart bed. For instance, there are smart beds with TV and other features. This feature includes additional chairs for entertaining guests, cup holders for holding your beverages, desks for working on your laptop, and a lamp for illumination when reading your books or magazines. 


How much are smart beds? You must note that smart beds ultimately cost more than conventional beds. This price difference is primarily due to all the featured technology. Smart bed prices often range from $1000 to $10000. 


Multifunctional Smart beds are worth every penny you buy as they offer more than a place to sleep. These smart home beds are feature-packed, often serving as workstations and relaxation centers. They also serve as storage spaces ensuring your room remains clutter-free

Are you looking to upgrade your bed? Then consider the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed (Our top pick)! Why? Well, for starters, it is budget-friendly. It is also feature-packed with Bluetooth speakers, chaise massage chairs, and storage spaces.

Additionally, this smart bed provides unrivaled comfort! So what are you waiting for? Get your Hariana Tech Smart bed today!


Are Smart Beds Worth It?

Investing in smart beds is worthwhile. They can improve the quality of your sleep and give a level of adjustability that you won’t find in a conventional mattress.

What is a Multifunctional Bed used For?

The versatile electric bed offers a variety of complicated postures for clinical demands, including bent legs, a full lift, a full forward tilt, a full back tilt, etc., which is simple for nursing staff to use and may significantly lessen their workload.

Which smart bed is the best?

Your demands and tastes may play a role in determining the best smart bed for your needs. But we recommend focusing on these features:

1. Sleep Tracking: A smart bed with sleep tracking can monitor your sleep patterns, including your heart rate, breathing, and body movement. This data can help you adjust your sleep habits to improve your overall sleep quality.

2. Temperature Control: Some smart beds allow you to adjust the temperature of the mattress, either to cool you down or warm you up. This feature can be beneficial if you tend to sleep hot or cold.

3. Built-in Speakers: A smart bed with built-in speakers can be convenient if you like to listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts in bed.

4. Smart Home Integration: Some smart beds can be integrated with other smart home devices, such as Alexa or Google Home, allowing you to control your bed with voice commands.

5. Massage: A smart bed with massage functions can be an excellent choice if you need to relax your muscles after a long day.

6. Charging Ports: A smart bed with built-in USB ports or wireless charging pads can be useful if you need to charge your devices while you sleep.

7. Adjustable Firmness: A smart bed that allows you to adjust the firmness or softness of the mattress can be ideal if you share a bed with someone who prefers a different level of firmness.

Keep in mind that not all smart beds come with all of these features. You may need to prioritize which functions are most important to you and look for a bed that fits your needs and budget.

Where can I find smart bed with tv integrated in it?

HiBed by hi-interiors is a smart bed that features an integrated 4K projector and a retractable screen at the foot of the bed. According to ABC it retails at least $13,000. You can also go the DIY route if you have the time and creative bone .